Victoria Dini and Daniel Wasilick

November 3, 2022 – Dreams Playa Mujeres

We will become a family in

  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

Our love.

How We Met

If it weren’t for Nick Dini (Victoria’s brother), Dan & Victoria may not have met at all. One night in July of 2014, Nick was celebrating his 21st birthday with his college roommate and teammate (Dan). The next day, while the Dini’s were preparing for the birthday festivities to continue, Dan was headed out. As he was walking to his car, Victoria arrived and once she got out of the car she asked Dan, “Are you staying for the party?” As Dan says to this very day, “Once she asked me to stay – there was no way I was going home.”

These lovebirds hit it off and spent the night laughing, swimming, drinking and having a photo shoot on Dan’s GoPro. Even after guests began to leave the party, Victoria and Dan stayed up late into the night talking about anything and everything.

The night eventually came to an end, and to Dan’s dismay, was never sealed with a kiss (which Victoria loves to remind Dan of).

The next morning Dan drove himself home and as soon as he walked in the front door, he told his mom, “I’m going to marry Nick’s sister.” As you can guess, the rest is history. Seven years later and here we are asking you to help us celebrate tying the knot!

Looking forward to seeing you!

November 3, 2022


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Victoria & Daniel